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Originally Posted by PKumarM3
Originally Posted by J-9 View Post
Yeah, the GTS isn't a sports car....
few points:
in my opinion - a sports car should be simple layout - rwd, manual gearbox, limited slip diff - obviously the transmission does not dictate a sports car or not - ferrari, mclaren, etc. all use double/single clutch gearboxes. i think a sports car also has to have some aspect to it, that doesn't allow the "focus" of the car to be compromised.

the gts is unavailable to the US Market - so its not a sports car we can ALL enjoy. its also a limited edition car.

the size of the e9x chassis, in my opinion, is way too big to be categorized as a sports car. its not even a compact sports sedan in my eyes. i think the e9x m3 is a luxury coupe.

if you go back to the original e30 m3, it was a homologated car that was not luxurious by any means, although it was much better equipped than competitors cars, it was a harsh car. it was rough riding and it was loud, and high revving.

you had to LIVE w/the car and its quirks on a daily basis. todays cars are all luxurious boats. BMW doesn't make ONE car that is like that. if you look at Porsche - they make, i believe, 27 variants of the 911. every single one of those coupes (not cabriolets) are true sports cars. if you ever drive one, its not the luxurious boat feeling you get in a BMW, Merc, or Audi. Its raw, its rough, its mechanical sounding, etc. the car has quirks and character. look at the underside of a 911. its completely flat - for aerodynamic purposes. every single part of the car is focused and has a reason for being the way it is - not just for cost cutting measures (BMW, Merc,Audi, etc.)

no car BMW makes does that for me. they all have become softer and softer, but thats for the good of the company as the type of person that buys a bmw no longer is interested in keeping it forever. more than likely, they will drive the car for a few years and then get the next gen. frankly thats to me.

based on that, i don't believe bmw makes any sports car. do the cars they make - are they sporty in nature? yes. they have great suspension geometry, wonderful limited slip differentials, great gearboxes, lovely chassis, and great steering, but no they are not TRUE sports cars.

the m3 has always been a sports coupe. never a "true" sports car, a la the 911.

Originally Posted by muskamatt View Post
I can't buy it and neither can you, therefore in my books, it doesn't really count.

Originally Posted by Ascari View Post
And the 1m isn't a sports car? That's not what I think every morning when I start her up!
the 1m is absolutely NOT a sports car. its a luxury coupe first and foremost, and has upgraded components, but its by no means a sports car - look at its drag coefficient! worst than a stock 3 series.

i never considered BMW to make sports cars. thats what was cool about the M division before they destroyed it with SAVs and Turdbros. they always took vehicles off the line, strengthened the chassis, improved the suspension geometry, pepped up the motor, and had a fun car that had all the practicality of the non M version.

now bmw just uses the M badge to sell cars
This is funny since the 1M is constantly compared to one of the most hardcore Porsche's around (Cayman R). BMW is obviously not for you, go buy a 911.