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Originally Posted by vuudoopham View Post
Are you kidding? --- I honestly cannot tell =-). Have you sat in a modern 911? You don't think that leather wrapping EVERYTHING that I can possibly touch doesn't make it a luxary car? If that isn't over kill, I don't know what is. What funny quarks do you have to deal with in a modern 911? They have pretty much made it a luxary boat in your defination as well. Have you looked under and M3, it looks pretty well purpose designed to me... You measure a sports car by how much you hate it when you drive it?

Owned an Acura NSX before owning my M3. I think we can all agree that the NSX was a true "sports car". The M3 is in every possible imaginable way superior in the performance to the NSX. Not only that, it is infinately more practical - it has all the the comfort options AND performs. Its the perfect melding of performance and function. I used to be a raw performance guy, but that means you need two cars. Two cars just are a pain to maintain. I put MAYBE 2k miles on my NSX for 4-5 years, but insured it and maintained it. I paid more than a dollar per mile per year just in upkeep and maintiance just to garage it for 10 months out of the year. Its just not worth it. I drive my M3 to work every day and it brings joy to my face each and every time I hit the start button.

You say BMW uses the M badge to sell cars. That maybe true, but Porsche has been pulling the 911 designation to sell cars for the past 40 years. Why do we need 27 variations of a 911?

i respect your opinion. i think porsche has somewhat faltered, just how bmw has over the years. but porsche still offers the option of a true sports car - gt3.

i also respect that you owned a legend - the NSX - still a car that i dream of owning. sad to hear of your troubles with the car.

what you describe is what makes the m3 a great car to get. it offers sports car performance but has the space to accommodate a small family safely.

i believe that Porsche still offers 27 models just so it can satisfy the hard core enthusiasts (GT3) to the ridiculously hot trophy wife that wants a Porsche convertible automatic with AWD. (C4 dpk cabriolet)

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