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Originally Posted by acg35 View Post
How's the ride quality? Miles on the springs/shocks?
You know, I honestly don't know the full mileage. I've had them on for about 4k maybe, but I tried looking back at the original sale thread for the guy I bought them from but he edited it to just say "sold".

Being so low, you'll obviously sacrifice a little comfort. I think they definitely stiffen up cornering. Plus with 19s it's hard to attribute where the roughness really comes from. It looks absolutely great, probably about as close to getting "slammed" without being obnoxious. I think the benefits make it worth it, there's only been a few times where I hit something that made me cringe, but it was probably something that you would feel in most rides. It's not like my teeth are jittering and I loathe going out, I would definitely keep them if I hadn't switch to +22 in the rear.

Plus if anyone is local, I could always go for a spin, but I am probably switching them out this Friday.
The i8 needs a V8 amirite?