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Please somebody help me…

I started the retrofit of the compass/homelink rear-view mirror some time ago. Harness from Tischer, mirror from eBay. After finishing installation, seatbelt and airbag light indicators went off. Also the sunroof and lights do not work. Checked connections and all seem ok.

Checked with BT tool and it cannot communicate with the FZD. It does not respond.

I am embarrassed to say that I forgot to disconnect car battery during mirror install. Perhaps that made the FZD go bad, I thought.

Then I hooked up another FZD module I got on eBay and same result.

Does anybody have any pointers on what to do next? I took it to the dealership and they quoted $1000 for FZD replacement. But I am sure they simply saw that FZD was not responding and assumed that a bad FZD was the problem (bad FZD MAY be the problem if the one I got on eBay was also bad).

Does anybody can give any pointers on what to try next? Do I need to reset any other module or do anything else to activate the FZD module? Or is it supposed to work, plug-and-play?
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