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Originally Posted by kalib0y View Post
I heard you had an interesting night
So what happened was were all crusing down PCH before 7th St by the Golf Course.
Ameer (Black 335) and Steven S/C E55 AMG had a little fun
I'm behind them crusing it along with the other 10 car's with us and they fly past a cop coming out of a residential street!
I was like FAAAAACK
I catch up to them at the light to let em' know about the cop!
I end up being in front of the caravan once the light turned green.
Cop speeds up and gets behind Steven (AMG) about to pull him over then notices the 11-99 Foundation Plates!
Goes around him and just gives him a look.
Now this is where shit when downhill for me
He pulls me over and said I was racing the Benz! I was like NO WAY!
He asks for my license and registration bla bla bla and leaves to his car
As he's leaving I hear him say "Get a tow truck ready" ....
He comes back and he keeps asking who's the Benz guy and I told him I didn't know?
I told him I wasn't the one racing it was someone else...
He goes "I know what I saw"!
Well I couldn't do much, my car looks black at night (Monaco Blue)
He looks at me and say's.. "This is your break, get outta here"
I couldn't believe it I was almost on my knee's saying thank you
Met back up with everyone at Best Buy where they waited for me