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Originally Posted by impulsebrklyn
hey pretty good job. I didnt get to read it all but I can correct you on one thing AIO is not a polish. It has no abrasive properties!!! It will not remove haze or scratches. If your using a pc with it the pad is probably doing the work not the AIO.

Another note these are his opinions there any many products out there that will do the same thing and work better in certain conditions. Please dont use this as "Oh thats the best product".

Ill hopefully get to read it all tonight and make some comments.

Till Then Chris
Actually, AIO does have minor abrasives in it and it will remove minor hazing. I've seen this for myself. I've been using it for the last 5 years and have a pretty good idea of how it works. With that said, I realize that Klasse says AIO is non abrasive. This is most likely either a play on words on their part, or just a marketing ploy not to scare people away from the product.

And yes, the product recommendations are just my opinions after having tried many products.

As for the technique, they are also my 'opinion', but can also be viewed as being detailing fundamentals that most detailers follow.