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The Old MSport versus SE suspension question....

I live in South West London, where the road surface is full of holes and speedbumps.

Over the last ten years, I've regretted buying an E46 MSport touring (and an E55) purely because of the way they thump and bump over the roads locally. Take them down to the nearest Nurburgring and go round bends at 100mph, and there's no better choice. But on my normal weekend they were just a pain in the back.

Over the same time I've had two E39 SE Tourings, an S500, and my current 325i SE, and they've all been comfortable at low and high speed. I don't do The Ring, so logically I don't need "Sport" suspension. "Normal" settings should be fine.

I had lemony / cream leather on an E39 Touring. It certainly made the interior look bigger, but I definitely had to "look after it" in a way that I've never had to do with grey or black. (Cream / beige is fine, it's just the lemon that I have the issue with).

Agreed about the Sports seats - in an ideal world I would certainly prefer Sports seats (with non-Sport suspension).

And then, finally, I've been happy with the 17" RFT's on my 325i SE 4dr. I know I'd get a better ride from non-flats, but it's the old problem - at 70mph on a wet winter's night, I'd rather have a puncture in a Run Flat tyre than on an ordinary tyre. I really don't want to give away this safety feature unless I really, really have to....

It's all a bit of a shame really - I socialise with a LOT of BMW owners. And the one thing they all complain about is their M Sport / large wheel ride quality.

Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
Something to bare in mind.

The M-Sport suspension actually soaks up poor UK roads and speed bumps far better than the SE suspension.

The M-Sport uses a really nice Bilstein and Eibach strut and spring, where as the SE uses a really cheap Boge/Sachs set up.

Get an M-Sport on to 17" wheels and it feels much nicer driving round town or on poorer B roads than an SE on 17" wheels, get it off the run flats and it is sublime.

I have tested this along with a few techs at BMW who would not believe me.

So don't write off an m-sport, as you would always get someone with 17s to swap with the MV4s.

Plus you get the nice seats in a sport as standard, the SE seats are rubbish!

Also, I found the Lemon leather the easiest leather I have owned, I always went black, but got one with lemon in 2006 and was dreading it, but found it really easy, as soon as you saw anything you simply wiped it away, with black it just hides the dirt and then it goes shiny.
I have a dog and a 3 year old and would not consider anything but a light interior from now on, in fact when I bought my Merc I went with an Avantgarde over the Sport so I could get a light interior.