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Originally Posted by Beas View Post
If you posted these items as "mods" on a honda forum you would get laughed off the forum.

i guess i just come from another world where peoples mod list consist of what motor swap they have, what turbo they are running, what nitrous setup, what coilovers or exhaust. "debadged, trim wrap" what a joke man.
You come from a world where exterior mods are futile and seldom look good. Here in a BMW forum, where beauty is a characteristic of the beast, we take pride in the aesthetic development of our vehicles.

You may argue that it is an issue with price per mod, and I will invite you to join us at the e30 forum, where we care about exterior mods just as much. It's because our vehicles were designed to look good. Something you'd have a hard time saying.

Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
hahahah well youre not on a Honda forum simple as that..gtfo brotha
LOL, this exactly