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Originally Posted by PKumarM3 View Post
i respect your opinion. i think porsche has somewhat faltered, just how bmw has over the years. but porsche still offers the option of a true sports car - gt3.

i also respect that you owned a legend - the NSX - still a car that i dream of owning. sad to hear of your troubles with the car.

what you describe is what makes the m3 a great car to get. it offers sports car performance but has the space to accommodate a small family safely.

i believe that Porsche still offers 27 models just so it can satisfy the hard core enthusiasts (GT3) to the ridiculously hot trophy wife that wants a Porsche convertible automatic with AWD. (C4 dpk cabriolet)
Thanks - I didn't actually have "trouble" with the NSX, regular maintainence + insuring it all year was just getting to be too much for not ever driving it. I actually do miss it. I looked into a 997 Carrera S before settling on the e92 M3. I actually did like it alot and I do think its more refined than the M3 (Steering and Shifter especially), but I honestly hate the stigma that goes with a Porsche:

"Whats a the difference between a Porsche and a Cactus? With the Porsche, the prick is on the inside..."

I am 28 and I don't I want to be put into the "Pompous and in my 50's -- so I am entitled..." crowd with the Porsche owners in my area.

While I do believe the Carrera S to be a better performer than the M3, it performs better than the M3 for the relative price. The extra 20k in the the sticker price was well reflected in its refinement... Up until the introduction of the GTR, the M3 was the best bang for buck for under 100k. The GTR has its issues as well though, the interior just plain sucks. Maybe I have grown up, but I prefer my "sports cars" to have leather and butt warmers, and heated mirrors. It gets cold out there =-).