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Attention Houston: Check out Texas Speed Syndicate

A friend of mine is a track instructor and his group is hosting a full day event at MSR Houston on April 1st.

At this time they are looking for Solo drivers - they are capped with drivers that need instruction until further notice - unless your want to bring your own instructor whom they will want to talk to before hand.

Details Below:


The Differences:
Bigger is better with some things and one of those things is track time. 1 full day. That will be our target for our MSR Houston April 1st, 2012 event. In order to make that happen we need all of you to get the word out and get people signed up like always. To self fund a full day we struck a balance with increasing price and our self imposed maximum. Our maximum allotment of drivers will be 50 (last time was 30-35). Our cost per driver is $196 (last time it was $165). So for an extra $31 your driving time increases significantly. Payment can be made online via credit card or your Paypal account now so you don't have to go through the tedious check and mailing process (processing fees are built into the slot price). Funding deadlines are critical so that section is directly below. This structure should provide us with a more relaxed day, more time, more instruction, and more safety.

How to Sign Up & Cost: Guys here can just sign up by posting here and sending in payment. $196 per driver. 50 driver minimum and maximum. If you have a PayPal account then email funds If you do not have a PayPal account and want to pay by credit card click on this link. If paying up for multiple people then please put in a note or PM "War Horse" everyone's name. Deadline for payment is February 29th, 2012. We usually extend the date if needed but that is the 30 days before the event and no extensions can be made. We must fund by then. If we do not fund the event by then, the event will be cancelled. If your plans change before February 29th let me know via PM and we can try to secure a replacement for you. We work with you to find replacements and we appreciate you understanding our position with making the slots non-refundable.

The Track: MSR Houston will be the first venue for our 2012 road course event and we are shooting for a full day rental for the first time. Additionally, we are working on obtaining several corner workers to keep everyone safe. Although the track is actually located in Angleton, Texas it is called MSR Houston. It takes 30 Ė 40 minutes to get to the track depending on how you drive. MSR Houston is a premium facility and we will have exclusive access. If you are bringing your significant other, the club house will be open and air conditioned. As for the track, it boasts 17 turns through 2.28 miles. Although the straight sections arenít as good as I-10 you will get to unwind and stretch your legs a bit. Unless there is any objection we will run the track clockwise. Runoff is flat and abundant. Many of you have already been to MSR and your input will be appreciated by all so donít be shy Ė post up to offer advice to your fellow drivers.

Tech: Please download, complete, and email the following tech form to Andrew "digitalgiant" at

Click here to download your MSR Vehicle Technical Inspection Form.

When: Sunday April 1st, 2011. This is a rain or shine event and that is not an April fools joke

Schedule: Full day with the track being hot from 9-5pm. 7:30am gates open. Driver's meeting at 8am. First grid call by 8:40am.

Track Address: MSR Houston. 1 Performance Drive Angleton, Texas 77515. 281 369 0677.

Track Specs: All track specs can be found on the MSR Houston website at You will find track overviews, galleries, and more information there.

Spectators: No charge for spectators. However, in an effort to reduce liability we need to keep attendees limited. We are not equipped to manage spectators. Accordingly, this is a non-public event.

Tips: Bring: lunch, helmet, camera, camcorder, and fold out chairs. Wear: long pants and closed toe shoes. Fuel up before hand.