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First public moan about dealer...
name: Williams Bolton
shame: Took over 2.5Hrs to do a vehicle check.... yes a vehicle check that was quoted by them to be 1-1.5Hrs.

I foolishly decided to book a hang a round while we do it slot as I can handle 1.5Hrs but got serously griped at 2.5Hrs waiting.
The guy giving me the keys back could see I wasnt happy and said he would note my car down for a full valet next time it comes in. I dont think I will be returning my car to them. Had niggles with them before mainly to do with lack of feedback/info yet one of their key 10 points it to always inform the customer of any delays or information that they may need to know, and this is advertised on large plasma screens all over the place.

I suppose you forgot that I needed informing and that maybe my time is valuable.

Need to find a reliable BMW dealership in Manchester now. (sigh)