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The greatest BMW commercial of all-time was the one for the E39 M5, where it is "filming" a land rocket shooting across the desert floor. Absolutely brilliant idea.

As for the debate about whether BMW makes sports cars, my only response would be for all practical purposes the M3 is as much of a sports car as 98% of consumers would ever need. I mean what can a Porsche/Ferrari/Lambo do that an M3 can't? If you're talking about true set your hair on fire bhp then I would introduce you to the Corvette ZR1 which in a straight line drag race beat a Porsche and a Ferrari, however, I hear the same argument made about 'vettes: they're muscle cars and not true sports cars.

When you consider the other end of the economic spectrum, no one would vigorously dispute that the Miata and Honda S2000 are "sports cars" but neither one of them is ever going to win a drag race. For that matter neither would the NSX in its heyday with a whopping 270 bhp and it is a legendary sports car.

I get really tired of the whole true "sports car" debate because at the end of the day you're just splitting hairs!

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