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[quote=dustin;11127383]I have a 2009 328i.. and recently found that the sticker/label on the side of the door is kind of weird... it makes me confused and thinking about is there any information wrong on it... the sticker/label shows that the GVWR is 3790lbs(2450kg).. and the GAWR Front 2015lbs(960kg), GAWR Rear 1450lbs(660kg)... don't you think it's weird..??

This sticker is problematic at best. For one thing, 2,450kg is not 3790 lbs, it is 5,390 lbs which is way incorrect for a 3 series GVWR. And the Front + Rear figures add up to only 3,465 lbs - which should be close to the curb weight, not the GVWR. You might want to check the allowable axle load figures given in your owner's manual.

My '08 128i 'vert has an approved front axle load of 2,050 lbs and a rear axle load of 2,450 lbs. Note that this is the allowable GVWR, not the static curb weight distribution which is close to 50/50, like most BMWs.

Also, if you have staggered wheels, the larger rear tires will be rated to carry more weight than the front.