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Hey James if i tested each solenoid at idle with wgdc at 60%. Each one showing 17", this would mean working correctly right... Or could i be missing something?

The reason i ask is because i'm trying to troubleshoot what i think is higher wgdc than the norm. Vacuum lines are solid, solenoids seem to be good, intake piping solid but not pressure tested... I will be borrowing an air compressor sometime i hope. DVs open and hold with vacuum.

My thought is that the front wg could be sticking when hot. Trims also show consistently more fuel usage on bank 1.

When cold and applying vacuum each wg seems to close at similar vacuum.

Cars running great despite this.

I had some issues building boost a couple times and after troubleshooting and deciding it could be a sticking WG, i changed my default wgdc to closed (60%). And has NOT happened since.

I also had 1 log of much lower wgdc then normal during the same logging session above of not reach boost setpoint.... Both extremes same day. But fine now, just with a higher wgdc then expected.

Thanks for any help