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Another VP electric base audio upgrade install about to start/updates

Hi All,

First post but have been lurking for while getting tips on how to perform my install.

I ordered a level one system from musicar (VP electric). Initially, I had upgraded to Morel Dotech's in the door and Jehnerts for the underseats. For Christmas my well meaning brother-in-law sent my a JL10W3v3-4 sub. This gift ended up costing me a few more bucks -- I quickly called up Ken and he changed the amp and added a custom enclosure to my order. In addition (and this impressed the hell out of me) Ken told me that I could "downgrade" from the Jehnerts back to the Audio Systems for the underseats as the sub would now be picking up the low end for me and we could run the underseats as true midbases.

Thus, the install that will start tonight will include:
A clean sweep;
A JL HD700/5
Morel Dotech 4 inch door/ tweeter combo
Audio Systems 8 inch underseats
JL 10W3v3-4 Sub

I am anxiously awaiting UPS and will update as I progress!