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Originally Posted by Mehale View Post
Stock shocks and H&R Sport Springs is actually quite a common pairing on our cars. More on RWD cars than XI cars because the XI cars sit higher.

It is not unheard of for a pairing and yes, they do have a greater ability to blow a shock because of the enhanced travel and more work the shock needs to endure. I have not read much on these forums to say it is a frequent occurance enough to say its a bad idea. I'd think you'd have to hit a crater to really make it happen with a new car like his with new everything.

But again, both people are correct in their posts above and there is a greater chance for a blown shock when hitting a pothole.

I can't argue with this, you are right... remains true that if you have the $$, do it right but certain circumstances like his... being under lease... the $$ and work involved might not be justified.
see this is a very front sighted mentality. out of pocket right now, yes its less, but if you blow a shock, bring the car back, i promise you, it would have just been cheaper to get brand new coils and install, uninstall them.

also, after 3 yrs you could still sell your coils and re-coup some of the value of the parts.

and the shocks dont blow from "enhanced travel and more work the shock needs to endure", they blow because they are compressed more of the time, as in, they blow because of reduced travel increased pressures.