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Originally Posted by advantage20 View Post
A while back, BMW presented a F20 1 Series show-car with ///M Performance esthetic accessories, including black striping on hood and hatch, just like like on the recently leaked ///M335i (picture above). But that F20 was just a 120d...

So will these purely esthetic ///M Performance accessories (stickers, alcantara wheel, etc.) also be available on regular F10, F20, F30... or will they henceforth only be offered on the distinct ///M Performance range (i.e. ///M135, ///M335i, ///M550d...)?? If you can get a 116i looking like a ///M335i, isn't that a watering down the ///M Performance range itself?
I think its pretty certain that BMW will continue to offer "BMW Performance" parts as accessories. The car you included pictures of is merely a show car to display some of those parts.

Will the new "M Performance" line of vehicles use some of those exact same parts straight from the factory? Maybe. In fact, I'd say probably. Will the M Performance vehicles also use some of their own bespoken parts? I'd say that's a good bet as well, but certainly not nearly as many as a "proper" M vehicle like an M3 or M5 does.
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