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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I think its pretty certain that BMW will continue to offer "BMW Performance" parts as accessories. The car you included pictures of is merely a show car to display some of those parts.

Will the new "M Performance" line of vehicles use some of those exact same parts straight from the factory? Maybe. In fact, I'd say probably. Will the M Performance vehicles also use some of their own bespoken parts? I'd say that's a good bet as well, but certainly not nearly as many as a "proper" M vehicle like an M3 or M5 does.
I fear that too many variants would cause confusion in the customer's mind :

- basic stock models (basic engine, basic looks)
- basic stock models with only a few M Performance optional accessories available (spoiler, etc.)
- M Sport/M Package models (basic engine, upgraded looks and a few "reasonably sporty" M accessories)
- M Performance package (engine and chassis tweaks, upgraded+ looks, even more sporty M accessories)
- M Performance models on their own
- genuine M models on their own.

First thing to rationalize and make the range more consistent, the M Performance accessories should only be available on the M Sport. And as you say, only a few of these M Performance accessories should be available, not the whold package that would make a 116i look like a real ///M135i... I hope that the show-car on the above pictures was just a show-off of what would actually look the true ///M135i and that most of these mods won't be available on a regular F20.