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Originally Posted by advantage20 View Post
As far as I know the Audi RS range isn't watered down by the S range although the badges are similar. The latter is just given more credit (and of course more sales potential).

Of course an S is just an ersatz of a radical RS, and an ///M335i will be just an ///M3 ersatz, but I don't doubt that the performance and handling (and esthetic) tweaks will be enough to clearly differentiate this new intermediary category, as well from the pure ///M range as from the basic stock models.
I agree, but thats where the "iS" badge comes in. It's different for Audi because it is S vs. RS. Since ///M is just M, it makes more sense to make the "S" equivalent BMW cars the "iS" badge. Keep ///M for the true M cars, just as Audi has RS for their highest performance cars.

Mercedes is different. Their version of Audi's "S" and BMW's "iS/M-sport" is just a package that comes with the base model. They don't have a real in-between model line. Their AMG package is more similar to S-line or M Package that come as an option with the base cars.
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