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*Official* Active Autowerke Flash Thread

Active Autowerke

Active Autowerke offers unparalleled performance software for the BMW E9X n52 that brings the I6 to new levels of performance.

You can have a Active Autowerke flash installed on your vehicle in 3 ways.
1. Mail your ecu to us for with a same day turn around and Free 2 day shipping within the USA.
2. Bring your vehicle to one of our authorized flash dealers. They can be found HERE highlighted in RED
3. Purchase Our Simon Tool - See below for details

Our Simon Programmer can be used to flash your vehicle where ever you are at your own convenience. Sending your ecu in the mail will be a thing of the past. The Simon tool can be used to switch between stock, street tuned, and race maps, meant for race fuel.

The Active Autowerke Simon handheld flash programmer can program one vehicle.

[b] 128i,328i - version 2
325i, 330i - version 2

Vehicle- 328i Automatic
3 stage intake upgrade
Euro Airbox
Performance Exhaust

Vehicle- 328i Automatic
Mods:Muffler delete (single 2 inch tip)
Dyno: Mustang Dyn Aka"Heart Break dyno"

*version 2 now includes improved Valve Lift Control for more HP and TQ!*

Key Feautures:

-Improved Gas Mileage
-Sportier throttle response
- Available for 91-93 octane
-Smoother pulls through RPM band
-Off Road options for cars without cats
-Increase RPM Limiter for Manual Cars
-15 HP gain & 12 ft lbs of torque.
-Expect Higher Gains with bolt on Modifications.

NOTE: Please post all questions regarding the Active Flash Here


1.Will this void my warranty? A: While scenario is possible it is very very very unlikely. I have yet to hear of one vehicle with a voided warranty to do our tune. Remove the tune if you have any major engine malfunctions with a simon tool.

2.Do I need to wait to install my 3 stage intake manifold before getting my tune? A: No the ecu will adapt to the 3 stage manifold. No changes are necessary at this time.

3.Will my gas mileage go down? A: No we have actually seen an increase of up to 1 Mpg.

4. Will the AA tune put wear my engine? A: No All changes are well within Bmw specifications.

5.Is the rpm raised? A: Yes automatics only have a new raised rpm limit of 7K +200 rpm.

6. Is 93 required? Yes 93 is required for the highest output of your n52. Please clarify your oct when purchasing your tune.

7. Will this tune work on a N51 engine? A: Yes !

Have a ? Just Pm me and I will add it to the Q&A !

Customer Reviews:

1. "I finally got Stage 2 and I'm just wondering why it took me so long to get it. It's a tune that keeps on giving. The acceleration now is linear. There are no dead spots and the pulling power is greatly improved throughout the whole power band. Personally I think acceleration is smoother now then when the car was stock. Well done AA, you guys took an awesome car and multiplied its awesomeness by two. Just one thing, are you guys sure its 15 Hp? It just seems like its a lot more then that."
2."If you have been following the "*Official* Active Autowerke Flash Thread" ( you already know there are a lot of questions regarding the gains from the N52 Stage 2 version of the AA tune. Being someone who already had the original version of the AA tune, I was very excited to hear AA has tweaked its original offering. To my understanding they found a way to play with the valve timing in the VANOS software to give you a more aggressive cam profile. Initial reviews were positive with claims of another 5-8 HP over the original tune. I couldn't wait any more and called up Jon at (local GTA AA dealer) and setup a time to re flash my car. Using advice from MaximusJ I also had Jon clear my adaptations. I have run half a tank of aggressive driving through my car and I am here to say I am happy with the results.

Initial impressions were subtle with improvements being more noticeable at the top end. As I neared 300 km on the new tune I felt the "sweet spot" widen on the power band between 5-7k rpm. It really feels like the engine has more power on the top end to the point of a surging like feel when the needle gets up there. The initial claims of 5-8 hp didn't feel too far from the truth using my super accurate butt dyno

The "dead" spot from 3500-4500 I had before seems to be eliminated also! This improvement combined with the more aggressive throttle response, the 155mph limiter removal and the few hundred RPM added to the redline make this a no brainier for anyone with a 330i (or 325/328 with a 3 stage intake manifold). I just wanted to share my experience with the E90 community and hopefully we get a more comprehensive dyno from AA?!?!"
3."Got my AA tune last Fri @ VAC in Philly. The shop and folks are top notch. They gave me a nice tour and it is a true end-to-end do-anything facility.

The tune is excellent. The guys at AA definitely know how to milk this engine. After 100mi on the car it is still getting better each day. This is a must tune for N52. The car is smooth, strong and the throttle response is much better. If somebody has any doubts I can confirm that this is my fav mod so far.

To guys at AA - thanks for all the hours put in developing this tune!!

Now get back to work and give us the next one!"
4."AA Tune stage 2 w/ Simon Tool experience, part two:

Part one (aka, pre-tune impressions) is a few pages back for anyone interested.

So I sent in the ECU read file to AA over the weekend and received the tuned file back promptly on Monday from Zak, their software engineer. I went ahead and uploaded to the Simon tool, it was no problem at all. The tool is pretty easy to use overall, however it seemed to have some trouble downloading the ECU file to my windows 7 laptop so I used my xp laptop and it was perfectly fine.

For a N51 328i the ECU read took about 55 minutes, longer than the 40 I was expecting, and also, it is a bit risky, but I can attest to the fact that a fully charged battery in good condition can last two of these reads (guess how I know this?!).

Now for the actual flashing... this is where things got real scary! I plugged in the Simon tool and pressed go, and then everything just went... haywire, at least it sounded that way. In addition to the electric whine you hear when the car is "on", my entire car begin to make a loud noise mostly in the rear half of the car, definitely NOT ordinary sounding, the best way to describe it is that it makes me think of the sound a water boiler makes, which is a loud hum and hissing noise. If anyone wants to hear what it sounds like, I'll upload the found I recorded during this process. My dash also lit up with the traction control light as well as a symbol of a foot on the brake. But those didn't concern me as much as the loud hissing noise from the car.

Fortunately, the upload only took about 10 minutes, and as soon as the writing is done, all the noises stopped, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Disconnected the simon tool and started the car, and it started right up, no hesitation, no shake, perfect.

Now for the real review: Immediately after starting the car, I can hear some subtle differences in the sound, in a very good way. Driving impression after letting the car warm up was just wonderful. If you guys remember, I used to have the BMS power box for more than a year, which I disabled prior to doing the AA Tune. I took a few drives in the car after disabling PBX, and while I felt the car being less eager, I really enjoyed the smoothness of the drive, and hoped the AA tune would preserve that.

The tune from AA really did not disappoint, it indeed did make the car feel stronger, you can definitely feel the car being more enthusiastic on accelerations. But the best part is that the power comes on so smoothly compared to the PBX. With the power box, I been having trouble driving "well" since with the throttle remap, the car feels faster, at the cost of being jerky (I use Map 2, not 3). But since it made the throttle too sensitive, the shifts come along a bit sudden and hard. In my last two days with the AA tune, the car pulls strong, very linear, and the shifts are much easier to predict.

In terms of where the additional power comes in, before I seem to have to push the car to 3K before it felt "light on its feet" and sprints ahead, now that feeling comes at 2k'ish, which really makes a big difference in everyday driving. And with the throttle not as overly sensitive, it's easier to have a smooth ride as well.

Haven't tried full throttle yet as it's been raining here, maybe next week I'm really hoping that the ECU doesn't adapt to the changes over time because I'm really really enjoying the tune right now, big thanks to AA for doing such a good job on it."
5."AA and VAC were great! I'm liking the tune very much.

As you can see from the dyno sheet above, there are gains over the entire rev range in both HP and torque. You can definitely feel the difference.

Lower in the revs, there is a sense of urgency in the way that is pulls. The car doesn't feel as "lazy" as it did before. Yes, the throttle respose has been increased, but it's not in any way shape or form too aggressive. It feels right.

Mid-range is where you can definitely feel the difference. Before, mid-turn throttle inputs were not so dramatic, now, the car really scoots along and pulls very well out of corners. Driveability is made easier as well just rolling onto the throttle the pick-up is great.

High-end it just keeps pulling and pulling and pulling. I'm not hitting the rev limiter when I'm shifting because it wants to go. With the stock tune, I'd shift before I hit the rev limiter because it would stop pulling. You can see how the stock graph starts to flatten out at about 5,900 rpm where the tuned graph is making a steeper slope on the HP figure (meaning it's still increasing HP). VAC's goal is to do everything properly and not to beat on the car, so he stopped the pull prior to the rev limiter kicking in. There is still more HP at the top end for sure. Not blowing up my engine is more of a priority

You must realize this is a VERY tight Mustang dyno so the "big" hp numbers aren't going to be generated (Mike, please talk to this point of the delta of Kosh's M3 and what he pulled with you guys and what was pulled on a Dynojet).

In the end, I'm very happy with the tune. The car seems to run effortlessly and pulls stronger everywhere. Driveability is better and performance is enhanced. Win - win for me.

Thanks VAC and AA for a job well done "

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