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Originally Posted by Eracer76 View Post
Nope, I've cleared the codes about a dozen times now, and I've never gotten anything but misfire codes for the specific cylinders and the multiple cylinder misfire code, and thats it... no other codes.
Before the new plugs, it was only cylinders 3 and 4 every time (and I reset the codes 3 or 4 times)
Then I replaced all the plugs and I switched the #3 and #4 coils to the #1 and #2 spots.... and now I still get a misfire code from #3 every time, and occasionally #1 and #2, show up also... So, I'm wondering if I have a couple coils going bad, and one injector in the #3 spot.
Does JB4 had a auto code clear function?

I had limp mode a couple of times and I was only getting limp mode code, then realise that the procede was clearing the other codes.

Turn off the auto code clear and I saw the code.