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Originally Posted by PR3CI5N View Post
Drop it with wheel spacers!
Every time I spend on my car I say its going for a drop and space. I always end up getting something else like those headlights for example lol.. But I need to do that soon!

Originally Posted by issabmw View Post
7ilo, ana 3andi ehil bi Sawfar, Saida, wa Beirut, bas kent bil Hamra wa bi Sawfar most of the time.

I'm going to bed bas lets end with a joke.

Ken fee wa7ad bi mat3am. Talab humus, mtabal, wa tabouleh. Khalas ekil and he asked the waiter for the bill. Jab el fatoora, til3at $200. El rijal 2elo ta3al ta3al, sho hayda? The waiter said hayda el fatoora. El rijal told the waiter il3abli bi bzazi. 2al el waiter shoo? 2al el rijal: il3abli bi bzazi. 2al el waiter lesh? 2elo 3ashan b7ib 7ada yil3abli bi bzazi lema bintak
hahahahaha you just made my day man