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Originally Posted by issabmw View Post
You come from a world where exterior mods are futile and seldom look good. Here in a BMW forum, where beauty is a characteristic of the beast, we take pride in the aesthetic development of our vehicles.

You may argue that it is an issue with price per mod, and I will invite you to join us at the e30 forum, where we care about exterior mods just as much. It's because our vehicles were designed to look good. Something you'd have a hard time saying.
i had an S2000 for 2 years. Im willing to bet the general public would prefer the looks of that over an e30. i drive an 08 335i now.

Little mods like black grill or a new shift knob just dont warrant a huge celebration in my book. said car is still pretty much stock. The OPs car does look quite different from stock, but i dont understand the fascination so many have with such minor changes. i would have saved all the money and bought some KW V2s or something. a mod that is worth mentioning.