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In the back I had a cleansweep, a JL 700/5 and a JL 10W3v3 (4 ohm) going into a custom enclosure provided by Ken.

I pre drilled the sub enclosure and used what can be best described as "super decking screws" to secure the sub into the enclosure. Inside the enclosure were 4 wires. It bundled them into groups of two and connected them. Ken provides a 4 wire harnees that connected to a harness that passed through the walls of the enclosure (I can't describe it well, just know that wire goes from inside to outside the enclosure without breaking the seal of the enclosure) and terminates in a 4 pin connector. This connects to another harness that goes to the amp.

As for the clean sweep, it received what comes back from the 4 pin connector connected at up by the underseats on each side (two 2 pin connectors couple into a 4 pin connector that does to the cleansweep. The clean sweep sits with velcro in the space up near the back seats next to the computer.

I really worried before I got the stuff how to wire power to the cleansweep. Just tie to the power and ground of the amp. IGN, remote activate, power and ground were all in one 4 pin harness that terminated in 3 wires. Just tie those into the amp at power, ground and activate.

If you understand the above, you have read the cleansweep info. If not, don't worry about it, just plug in the harness and connect it to the amp. I wasted alot of preinstall time thinking about this and it was just that, a waste. The stuff I received just worked -- enough said.

Next I connected the speaker wires to the amp. Ken provided a legend so this was easy. I mounted the amp to a board (also provided). I did this first, then the wiring, and then attached that to the board to the factory amp location (came predrilled and fit right in).

Now came power and ground. Ground was easy. I had trouble with power and eventually just picked one of the terminals (there are at least 3) with nothing connected to it. I may snap a picture later, run it by Ken, and post if it is a "good" location for power. The order I did this was, however, NOT smart. Thinking back, i should have disonnected ground, then disconnected power but I had already done ground so just did it live. Maybe dangerous but, heck, it all works so must not have been too bad.

Anyways, I calibrated the cleansweep with the disk they provided and a trick from Ken. 1) use cs knob to turn sound way down so you don't blast the world with noise 2) turn hu all the way down and then turn to the right 45 clicks. 3) make sure doors are closed. 4) hit calibrate.

The whole thing worked, first try (of course, I forget to put the fuse in at first). I recalibrated this morning with the above method to make sure the "gong" was not too loud.

Almost forgot, here is a picture I snapped of the sub as installed (i did this before I cleaned up the wiring because I just had to give it listen!).

In some, don't be afraid, you can do this yourself.

Several additional comments have surfaced since I started writing this:
1) have a ton of flashlights around, they seem to walk away a bunch.
2) more space is better -- my one car garage was not the best location to do this.
3) you will need a wire stripper.
4) my girlfriend knew I was doing this but could not see, at all, that I had changed the car!
5) the USB stick method you find in the forum is WAY, WAY, WAY better than the ipod outputs

Final thoughts:
I was going for sound quality but ended up with that and some extra thump. I'm going to have to adjust gains on the underseats down or my ass is going to alway be shaking. I'm going for drive right now for no reason other than to just to listen!