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Originally Posted by Beas View Post
i had an S2000 for 2 years. Im willing to bet the general public would prefer the looks of that over an e30. i drive an 08 335i now.

Little mods like black grill or a new shift knob just dont warrant a huge celebration in my book. said car is still pretty much stock. The OPs car does look quite different from stock, but i dont understand the fascination so many have with such minor changes. i would have saved all the money and bought some KW V2s or something. a mod that is worth mentioning.
To start off, probably not. When people see an S2000, seldom do they see any significance in its appearance. The e30 on the other hand, produces more of a reaction among more of an audience due to its nostalgic appearance, and the heritage cues it foretold with newer models. Also, as I said before, due to the aesthetic complexity that is buried into each BMW, and most euro cars, appearance means more than most JDM.

Also, its a driving machine. What this means is shifter weight, steering wheel width, pedal movement, and response is all a part of the formula. These are things we naturally look out for.

With your reasoning, Ferrari shouldn't even mention the materials or the aesthetic properties of their vehicles. They should only mention the horsepower figures right?

For the record, I've been in the JDM community for a long time.