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Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
Its not as easy as it seems and takes a good amount time for our tuners to personalize each tune for each customer. We do not just send everyone the same exact file which is why we need your stock file.
Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
You are correct in this sense but not exactly. Not every car as the same software versions so we cant just send out for example a 328 tune or a 330 tune. When Bmw puts out different software versions they move files all around so we need to find each of of them and match them to the tuned file we have.

Hope this helps.
I got this statement when I asked Eurocharged why wasn't my stock ECU read during the tune.

Unlike Lamborghini or Ferrari, BMW uses only a handful of software calibrations for each model car. This means that your "stock" software is identical to 1 out of 6 BMW's with the same model. Since this version was already on file and matched your software 100%, there was no need to waste 45 minutes reading it out.
Is it correct that 328i only has a handful of stock software versions? Is it critical to read the initial stock file in order to restore my car to the exact factory condition? From reading your posts, it seems every car's ECU is different?