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Originally Posted by darkrom View Post
Hopefully, but I just want them to clarify on the details and limitations. It works with ONE car and that is fine, but can I unlock it and sell it later once flashing back to stock (works on other similar devices in the industry) or is it something that is locked to my VIN forever?

Are there limits to how many times I can flash it (beyond the life of the chip which is a non-issue). Basically more details on how I'll be getting new basemaps and what format the tunes are in.

My last car was a Honda and I had Hondata which had LOTS of features like data logging etc. I don't need all of that, but is there anything we can use to make modifications to the basemap tunes you provide?

Will you release multiple base map tunes for common products? Such as stock, bmw performance intake+exhaust, catless w/ headers intake exhaust...etc. Basically multiple simple maps or will there just be one universal tune?
When you connect the device to your car, your VIN# will be locked onto the device. Can you reset the device? YES! It takes a person with some reverse engineering background to do the trick. AA has tools to reset the device but they are not going to do it for you. This is how they make $$$$ on the device and their tunings. My guess is AA's tuned file can only be read and flashed with this device and you cannot use a 3rd party device to do the flashing. So when you sell your car you can either give the device to the new owner or hang it up on your wall as a conversation piece.