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This is an interesting question. I don't think there is a "better place." I think we skip the "Heaven/Hell" part and reincarnate into another form. That form or being could be anything living e.g. a tree, a ladybug, a human, a spider, etc. When you die, you lose your consciousness/thinking; absolutely. The loss of consciousness brings a loss of a sense for time. Once dead, one becomes awakened "instantly" in another form. That being will have no memory of past life nor will they "feel" the thousands to millions of years they were dead; it will seem instant.

It takes energy to create and run our humans bodies. In science I learned that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form. That stuck with me and I think that our energy is transferred to another form. I have a theory, I want my ashes to be sprinkled in a corn field. My theory is that the corn plants will absorb my "energy" and use it to make corn. This corn will be consumed by people and will give me a higher chance of reincarnating as a human baby, or at least shorten the time it takes for me to be reincarnated.

If I am stuck in a coffin, my "being" is just stuck there as potential energy, further delaying my reincarnation. If I reincarnate as a bug, then hopefully I die and roll the reincarnation dice. Though, if I am a bug, I won't know the difference.