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MM328i-i've talked with my mechanic...the lifters is not the final solution...sure this forum attributes to very little of the 3 population..but if this many people have had this problem...i can't believe BMW hasn't inssued a 100K 10 year warranty fix like they did for the HPFP for the 335 guys...i know itd cost them a huge huge dime and thats inevitibly why...but at the end of the day i wont buy another BMW because of this..

aries326- BMW strait up doesn't believe this be harmful in the as long as the customer isnt complaining up a storm about a new head or lifters they aren't gonna tell you about it. If you read on it they say no harm is to be done, but they resdesigned the head?

you will have to will proboly get new lifters and a bled system which i read there not doing but the stealership might do to save a few bucks...then if it persists..they'll replace the head

thats the process