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Unhappy 2007 328i has no electrical power, will not start

Hi folks,

My 2007 328i sedan has a problem: Yesterday, I took her to lunch with no issu at around noon. When I left work, 5 hours later that day, I tried to unlock her with the Keyfob, but whenever I pressed unlock, she wouldn't. Not only would she not unlock, but her interior lighting would not activate (as it normally does, when she is unlocked). The only thing that occurred was her alarm would begin to sound for about a minute, and would continue to do so every time I hit the lock or unlock button. Eventually she stopped even responding to button pushes. I took out the emergency key, and unlocked the driver's side door, and put in the keyfob and pushed the start button. Nothing happened. Her dash wouldn't light up, the START button had no effect.

I thought at first, it might be the Keyfob. Perhaps it lost its charge, or was time to order a new one if it lost its signaling capabilities. So I got a friend to take me home so I could get my wife's Keyfob. Once we returned and tried it, it had no effect.

I then thought, perhaps something had drained her battery, so I attempted to get a jumpstart from my colleague, but it had no effect. Car was completely dead. I then called a tow truck. He came out tried it with one of those jumper packs, and when that had no effect, tried connecting it in a normal jumpstart way, which also had no effect. He ohm tested the battery in the trunk, and it said that it had a charge. He was stumped, as I continued to be for the past 3 hours I had tried to get her started.

Eventually, I had to take it to a mechanic, and being as this had occurred at 6PM on a Friday and didn't get towed until 9PM, I won't be able to get her looked at until monday. Which is aggravating in and of itself.

Does anyone here know what it might be? I did some searching online whilst waiting for the Tow Truck, and found that someone had a similar problem that was related to the IBS (internal battery sensor) on the car, but I'm not sure if my car utilizes such a sensor. I'd like to know if anyone has any clues, and the general cost, just so I can prepare for the wallop I'm going to receive from the Mechanics once they look at it.

Thanks for all you help.