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I was wondering if all of you have speed De-limiters? And if not, even though your speedo may indicate faster, I believe on GPS the governor kicks in around 151-152mph actual. My Vbox only graphs to 149mph for some reason, but you can see even on my regular 124.8-125.2mph runs, 150mph is reached way before the 1/2 mile mark.

1320ft 1/4 mile, 124.8, 2640ft 1/2 mile mark 150+ (speed governor).

As you can see in the graphs I am hitting 149mph at 2423ft at full 200ft before the 1/2 mile mark.

Did anyone have problems with the speed governor the last time out, or are all of you delimited?

And is the 1/2 mile between the cones with a 40mph rolling start? If that is so, you would hit the speed limiter way before 1/2 mile, as my run was from a standing start.

Anyone have any delimited 1/2 mile Vbox graphs to post?
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