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Great question hotrod. I just upgraded from the Procede Rev 2.5 to Rev 3 this week, solely to be able to utilize the speed delimiter. With the Rev 2.5, the speed delimiter feature was unavailable on the meth maps.

At the Willow Springs roll-on's, there wasn't enough distance to hit anywhere near 155mph for the 335's. From the starting cones to the finish line (which was probably a hundred yards in front of the breaking marker at turn 1), I would estimate we had maybe a quarter mile or less.

I remember my speedo was somewhere around 145 at the breaking zone on turn 1 but this was after coming around turn 9 at a high rate of speed on the track (not the roll-on) and I was right on the ass of a 600 HP Mustang for 6 laps if this gives you some indication of the distance on the straight. My real speed was probably more like 135-140 given how optimistic our speedo's are. I forgot to check the speedo during the roll-on's.
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