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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
6 to 12 months to investigate if they lost power, navigation systems went wrong and/or the captain his team were not paying any attention.

Surely it can't be too hard?

Down to 40 unaccounted for with no further deaths.
As a professional mariner, I am pretty sure that the cause of the incident will be investigated and reported in a short space of time, whether it is publicly revealed, when criminal proceeding may result, is another matter. I cannot believe it will take 6-12 months. Herald of Free Enterprise, back in 1987, did not take that long to investigate and that was more complicated in my view.

There will be lots of speculation, but what I cannot understand is, if power was lost, why the ship did not anchor before getting perilously close to navigational danger.

The hole ripped in the hull by those rocks, would seem to indicate that the ship was still making significant headway when it struck.