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Originally Posted by jzchen
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mines went out at 60k cost me $430 to do it at a shop, not BMW dealer, if i found this thread i should would of took at shot at it BTW the gasket is around 30$ at the stealership
Looks easy from the DIY, but at least on the N54 it isn't as simple as just removing air housing, draining the coolant, and removing the housing. Be sure you protect the alternator from any fluids!

One bolt of the oil filter housing is under the intake manifold, and it is not short. You have to move the intake manifold to get at it, well, at least on the N54. (The curvature of the manifold may be a little better on the N52/N51 engine.) This requires removal of the microfilter housing, air intake, left charge air duct, and unbolting the intake manifold, at the least. (I actually removed the throttle body, but I'm not sure if this is necessary because I didn't try it without removing it.) This is a decent amount of work. Don't feel so bad. (My family is wondering if the car will start after I'm done. I'm trying to retrofit a Dinan oil cooler into it and it requires changing the housing.)
I did it this project today. When I picked up the parts at the dealership they sold me the gaskets for the manifold as well.

By the end of the project I was tired, sore from being hinged over and ready to be done. So I skipped putting on the new intake manifold gaskets. (place the we're 50.00 bucks so I am going to return them)

I drove the car, all seems ok?? What I any potential problems could I have from this??
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