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Standard Steering System - Serious Talk

So our E90/92/93's have "Engine Speed Sensitive" steering. I am NOT talking about "Active Steering" here.

So, the higher the engine revs, less power assistance the steering has. I so wish this was "Vehicle Speed Sensitive" instead. This way, on higher speed, like on highway, you would have less assistance. Current system works against me because, I do not have a manual and my transmission is made to run in low revs to save gas. So easy driving on highway at 70mph still gives me over booster steering... :thumb down

Since I am not happy about my steering, a drooler on early E46 steering, I am trying to find what ever I can do to make this better. I have M3 control arms and other suspension gizmos planned for future. Meanwhile, I am wondering, is there a way to reduce the power assist rate? or power assist all together? As someone else said in a different thread, I really don't need power steering after 5mph..