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Originally Posted by DL View Post

I was stating that BMW did not extend the warranty on this issue specifically past the factory warranty or any extended warranty such as CPO, as BMW did with the HPFP. Once these two run out you are on your own. Allot of people will be buying these used with no warranty left, and will be stuck with lifter noise with their "new for them BMW's".

Please note that the BMW warranty has not only the miles at 50k, but the years come into play too. 4 years or 50k which ever comes first, the warranty runs out, unless there is an extended warranty. This looks like stevo8's problem, as his is a 2006 with no extended warranty, so he ran out of the 4 years given by BMW even though he is under in miles.

Sometimes allot gets lost in the typing....

So my car is 2008 with 17200 miles. I was thinking of waiting until spring to get this thing fixed, but since warranty is 4 years, I should be trying to get it into the dealer ASAP? Or, since I bought this car used with CPO, CPO should cover this, right?

Either way, I hope they fix this. I don't plan on dumping my Z4. I'll probably keep it and hand it off to my boy when he gets older.