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Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
Thanks everyone. We will be able to target any boost and power level we want as we can swap turbos. Eric wants more than 500rwhp for his car so we are going to do this in stages. The 1st stage will be a small turbo (Precision 6265) that will spool very fast and still run on the factory direct injection. The 2nd stage will be a larger turbo with our intake manifold and fuel injectors and rail.

Before we can hit the dyno we need to build a strong engine brace support on the bottom of the car (right where the V-brace was). My guys will order up the metal tomorrow and we should have some dyno results later on in the week.

I can't post pricing on this thread but we already have pricing figured out.

Chris please ask Kirk to reply back to email I sent to him. I'm waiting nervously
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