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Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
I think this sucks and waters down the M brand. Every BMW is going to have an M badge on it. The cars we laughed at which slapped an M before the numeric designation like M750iL are coming true.

Unless this opens room for the real M cars to go balls to the wall and break away from the luxury market grip to become more hardcore sports cars, then I can't see ANY good coming from this to M enthusiasts or the M brand. M ALL THE THINGS!
This allows BMW to milk more money out of it's customer, especially in emergng markets who don't know any better (and it's established ones, who only care about a name), so hopefully, hopefully they have more money to fund balls out M cars.

Already, Audi has an R8 with two (or even 3 engine options if you count the TDI v12 show car) engines. And a rumored R4, and where is BMW's answer? Already, Mercedes has established 2 AMG versions of the S Class, a CL class and it's AMG versions, a SL and it's AMG versions, and and SLS (which M Division wish that they could build their own special car). And where is BMW's answer? I mean the SL is probably more iconic than the 3 series, and has the genes to prove it...

Hopefully, BMW is taking a page out of Porsche's book, and you'll see the fruits of this strategy.