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Need Morning Supplement AND Post-Workout supplement

Hey guys,

So last year I was at around 175 lbs and I am 6'. So it is not that bad, but there was move from improvement. Now, I had to stop working out for 4 months and I am back at around 160 lbs... I am skinny and hating it. I want to lose the final 2-3 lbs I have around my stomach, and start building mass.

Here is what I will be doing in a summary:

15 minutes elliptical
10 minute jogging
--> Main Fitness Program
--> Abs

This will be done 6 to 7 times a week.

I am already very strict on my diet, and I will be even more. The only problem is that I am always hungry at around 10:30AM/11AM. I was thinking of doing my self a morning shake with 2 egg whites, yogurt and fruits. I was wondering if there was any mass gainer I could add to this? Would that be a good idea or actually make me fat?

Second question is regarding my post-workout recovery. Like last summer, working out every day is pretty hard on my body, but last summer I was using Now, I have been reading and most people say that GNC is garbage. So what would you guys recommend? I do not want to use Creatine or anything. I thought the GNC was working well for me. I could perform very well everyday!