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Originally Posted by T335iQ View Post
I'm sure this topic comes up a lot, purchased my 6 sp 335i coupe in October and have drove approx. 3000 miles already. I took it to the BMW dealership for an oil change, and they informed me based on records, that it was changed in November (at a different BMW dealership) and an oil change isn't due for another 6000 miles. In case you need to know, yes it's my daily driver.

-How often do you change your oil?
- If you car isn't required to have it's oil changed and you are covered by warranty, and would like to have it changed, must you pay out of pocket?
-Is it okay to change a bimmers oil every time a "change oil" sign pop out on the odo?

all help/advice is appreciated!
do it every 5000 miles if you want your car to last long w/out trouble.don't trust dealer do it your self.