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I just have it on good info , next couple off days will see it unfold,

The salvage game is very lucrative but ,I was told by a Salvage engineer the sums involved are very difficult to work out upfront, Most of the time it is written in stone the terms are in monetary value after salvage ,The salvage master has to ensure the vessel retains as much value as possible, Think this ensures a speedy salvage and with as little damage as possible.

50% off a ship turned in to scrap metal aint much , Be under no illusions this boat is no longer worth a fraction of the 450m euros it cost in 2006.

I was told they need to wait for the search for bodies to be completed then they are in to remove thousands off tonnes of fuel then the game begins.

Have you seen some off the pictures the one with the rock the size off a truck sticking in/out the hull fook me the guy standing there looks tiny against it .

If the Sea remains calm I think they have a real chance to Salvage it .

Does anyone know the area?