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Originally Posted by Fundahl View Post
Wait a second, why would the single make less torque?

I don't think everyone here understands why a turbocharger that can move more lbs/min of air more efficiently makes more power....

In order for the power to go up, the torque has to go up or shift positions. In the perfect scenario, going to this bigger turbo will make MORE torque and it will be farther to the right. (right being max RPM of the motor)

If we "maxed" out a turbo that flows more air than the RB's, then it would have to make more torque, assuming everything was good on the tuning and hardware ends.
Larger singles generally gain torque (or at least keep it flat) closer to redline. Basically you just shift the torque curve out and flatten it. This is because you are not choking the turbine wheel at the higher CFM flow rates.

The good news is that this creates more HP with the higher RPMs (good for drag race). The bad news is you loose some torque down low (due to slower spool from the larger turbine wheel).

Next we will have to figure out how to spin these I-6's up to 8-9K RPM