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Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
M has history and core meaning. If you are going to make a lessor 3-series than an M3 and call it an M, well... wtf.
I feel the same way. Why would you ever put an M badge on a non M car? I truly believe that BMW dropped the ball on this one. I understand that companies wan't to make money but there are other ways to do it. There is no need to destroy the legacy and heritage of the M to make an extra buck.

I bought my M3 in Germany and I can remember how proud they were in regards to their M lineup. They kept on saying how these M cars were so different and special from their regular lineup. I guess that was just a bunch of nonsense.

They could easily have created a different performance package for the regular lineup instead of ruining the M brand. The good thing is that we do have choice on what to buy next time.

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