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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Think of BMW M Performance Automobiles giving the M cars equipment and technology they refuse to on the current M cars.


I think I know what you're saying--the point of the new M performance line is to allow certain technologies exclusive to ///M to show up in a non M car. But I have to ask...isn't that kind of the point of having the M series? To keep certain things exclusive to ///M, which is supposed to represent the craziest and maddest BMWs? What is the reasoning of having the ///M brand if it isn't easily distinguishable, from a performance standard, than the other "regular" models in the lineup?

You've just made the point being echoed here by so many on the board. By pushing that technology downstream, you are in effect diluting the ///M brand.
No one has seen the next-generation M cars, so I don't know how this assumption can be made. Besides, I thought too much technology is what is keeping the M cars from being the "driver's car" as they once were.

It isn't the technology that separates M cars from the rest, but rather the driving experience, right?