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Originally Posted by mwatkins View Post
Yet another rave for Irv. He's made the purchase process as smooth and easy as possible. No pressure on the sale, responsive to inquiries and very accomodating for changes to the order.

We took European Delivery a week ago and are now waiting to do Performance Center Delivery. Irv has been on top of the process from day one. Its amazing what a difference a knowledgeable adviser makes. His organizational skills must be top notch as he is able to keep up with the boards and handle a large number of clients, but he makes each client feel as if they are number one.

I won't meet Irv in person, but I know he will be available to assist me any way he can.
Honestly, I don't know how he does it. I spoke with him and he said that he got really busy after the articles published in WSJ and Yahoo, so I knew he was busy before, but now... I can't even imagine how busy he must be.