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Originally Posted by BimmerCop View Post
It's all good!

BTW, I have Memorex DVD+R 16X 4.7GB dvds... Are these the same you used? Got them from Wally World... I also installed ImgBurn... Any tips/tricks to burn these?
Sounds identical to what I used. I burned at 4x with ImgBurn. The other one was a TDK DVD-R 16x and I also burned it at 4x with cdrecord, a linux utility. Both asked me to shutdown for 5 minutes and reload. I just did a manual reset (both eject buttons and push in the VOL knob) anv avoided the 5 minute wait.

Note that the file you get from the torrent is a zip file with the ISO image inside. Unzip it first before burning be sure you burn as an iso image and finalize the disk. ImgBurn does this automatically if the file has the .iso extension (but windows hides the extension from you).