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I wasn't going to post this because honestly, it appeared that Vortex was no longer selling wheels on here and it's felt like nothing will be done.

I have had ongoing issues with Vortex after initially thinking the purchase had gone smoothly. Customer service has not been what I had expected.

Recently, while washing the car, I noticed the clear coat peeling on the lip of one of my rear wheels. Please note, that I've only ever used a microfiber cloth and water to wipe the wheels clean after using a hose to spray them initially. I've very OCD about wheels and cleaning them without chemicals because I fear the chemicals degrading the finish.

I tried to PM vortex_tuning on here and still have not received any form of communication. That message was sent 01-02-2012 09:57 AM.

I had also emailed through the contact form on their website, and that communication trail was as follows:

They reply: (Jan 3rd)
Hi, Chris:

Sorry for the late reply.
Could you let us know your payment confirmation number so we can find your transaction first?
The wheel comes with one year manufacture warranty on the finish, but if the peeling is the result of any improper care or impact, it's not covered.
You can take some close up pictures to show us the peeling areas if you can.


I reply: (Jan 4th)

-- Will provide images in a second email tonight when I get home. There has been no impact and the wheels are rinsed with water and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth.

I follow-up with photo in another email:

They reply: (Jan 5th)
Hi, Chris:
Is it the only place that peel?


I reply: (Jan 5th)
Yes. I checked the other wheels and they appear to be okay. That is one of the rear wheels and is peeling. The size is about a 50 cent piece.

I reply: Jan 9th

I am still waiting for something back from you on this item.

Thank you,



And this is where we are today. It's been 11 days since they last contacted me. The photo obviously shows no sign of impact and I've had the wheels a whole 8 months or so. Purchased back in late April to Early May of last year.

I would NOT recommend doing business with Vortex. Lord knows, I wouldn't ever do business with them again.

I do not expect this to be resolved but hey, I want the community to know what you could get yourself into. I know others have had positive experiences but I think what really matters when doing business with a company is how they handle the bad things that happen because that's when it matters the most.

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