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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
Think of BMW M Performance Automobiles giving the M cars equipment and technology they refuse to on the current M cars.

Four Wheel Drive on an M3 and M5 Please? No....That is why the X-M's exist. Diesel Power? Would work in Europe but not commercially viable in other parts of the world.
If you take the X6 M50d and the BMW M550dxDrive what you have is individuality , A performance car with many talents , All wheel drive , Performance and thanks to the diesel - efficiency. These are euro-centric cars aimed at customers who would like an M but when all factors are considered it can be out of their reach and not financially viable.

The M550dxDrive will also be available as a Touring , as M are not yet to commit to an M5 Touring even though there is enthusiasm for such a model.
Given the state of the European market and their diesel priority , it is though that between the Sedan and Touring. The Touring is expected to be the better seller which BMW will judge to see if there is further demand for an M Touring.
No disrespect but come on, this isn't that difficult to understand. Everyone mostly agrees with BMW making more money on this, just use an alternate designation. I've said it three times on this board and on the M5board. If you must use M simply alter it somehow, e.g. MD OR MX for diesel or AWD.

Truthfully, im disappointed but I'll buy a diesel AWD 550Mxd (my preferred designation) if you bring it to the states simply because I think the new Ms are going too be soft anyways. Why pay the premium for HP and torque you can't use if you can't even feel or hear it.
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