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Originally Posted by mkoesel
Originally Posted by Danconia View Post
If you must use M simply alter it somehow, e.g. MD OR MX for diesel or AWD.
As far as I am aware, that's exactly what they plan to do. However, there will also be non-AWD, non-diesel M Performance models that carry the M designation. There is the rumored M135i, for example. Note, however, that the "i" is still there (which is the gasoline equivalent of the "d").

Truthfully, im disappointed but I'll buy a diesel AWD 550Mxd (my preferred designation)
Rumor suggests it will be M550xd, so its almost exactly as you would prefer. I suppose having the M first might somehow make it less acceptable.
Yes but I first and foremost state to use an alternative designation. Knowing that BMW has made up their mind I ask that they use the M designation more as the "i" "x" or "d" to give some further differentiation from a non "M Performance Automobile."

This can be done without utilizing the Motorsport colors and merely using the letter M.
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