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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
I've met up with Warren more than a few times myself and concur with your above statements, I personally am very impressed with what he's done with his car and for the BMW community. It would have been fun to see his car run at the event though.
Hey Drew, can't wait to see your beast run! That is actually one of the motivating factors for me to go, even if just to spectate. And yes, you too had one of the fastest M3s even when mildly modified. And I remember you too had to deal with all these people accusing you of not disclosing hidden mods, etc. And as usual, it was the ones with the slower cars that did all the complaining, lol. Trap speeds, and 60-130s are a true measure of a cars power. So i'm sure if anyone runs record breaking numbers, there would be no reason for them not to post their results. Its pretty simple to do I would think. If you trap 130mph, you might run a 12 second qtr mile, or a 10.6 second qtr mile. Its just a matter of the launch, wheel spin, etc. But it doesn't matter, if you are trapping around 130mph your car is capable of easily running 10s with traction. And I would definitely rather have a 11.5 second 130mph trap car, than one the runs high 10s at 125mph traps.
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